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Thank you for being here and for taking a look at some of the educational material that we have prepared to help bring awareness and understanding. 
We will continue to grow our library of information. 
Please check back for more.
Neon Lights

Intersectionality between autism and transgender/non-binary people

January 15, 2023 by Lesley McClurg
Blue Skies

Neuro-biology of trans-sexuality:
Prof. Robert Sapolsky of Sandford University

Test Tubes

A Biologist's Brief Breakdown of the Science of Sex and Gender

Favorite Quotes

Anthropologist Keridwen Luis

"We cannot understand our bodies except through culture; therefore, there is no pregendered body and there is no 'raw' precultural body or body experience. While biological bodies undoubtedly exist -- we are not brains in jars -- how we interpret, understand, and experience those bodies is culturally shaped" 


Favorite Books:

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Unmasking Autism.jpg
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